V'tox Herbal Pearls (includes 3 pearls)


Herbal Pearls provide an intense vaginal purging or detoxing experience. Effective endometriosis, uterine fibroids, heavy menses, tumors, irregular menses, ovarian cysts, polycystic ovaries, pcos, uterine prolapse, fertility, PMS, reproductive system, cervical erosion, dysplasia, pelvic inflammatory disease, abnormal vaginal discharge (Leucorrhea), vagina itching, menstrual pain, annex inflammation, and yeast infection.

Made with the following herbs: Made with Osthol, Stemona sessilifolia, Kochiascoparia, Motherwort, Rhizoma smilacis glabrae, Angelica, Rhizoma chuianxiong and borneol.

The herbal pearl blend is for the purpose of preventative support to assist with gynecological abnormalities and as a preventative support to the womb.

-Do not orally ingest pearls
-Do not use pearls 7 days before the onset of menstruation and wait at least 3 days after your last day of menstruation before using pearls
-Do not use pearls during menstruation, pregnant or if you are a virgin, allergic to any ingredients please discontinue use (see the ingredient listing above) Avoid if you are prone to bleeding or on any anti-coagulants.
-You may soak the pearl in a glass of water and use the liquid for cleansing vagina
-Expelling of toxin is normal
-Avoid sex during treatment

1 Cleanse = 3 Pearls/3 Pearls Per Order
Ovarian Cysts 6 Cleanses
Fibroids 9 Cleanses
Infertility 12 Cleanses
Endometriosis 9 Cleanses
Urinary Tract Infections 3 Cleanses
Heavy Mentrual Cycle 4 Cleanses
Yeast Infection 3 Cleanses
Bacterial Vaginosis 6 Cleanses
Vaginal Oder 3 Cleanses
Vaginal Dryness 3 Cleanses

Specifications: 1g each pearl

Directions: (if first time using pearls you may start with 1 pearl and move up to three pearls. Do not insert more than 3 pearls at a time)
1. Wash your hands and open the foil bag containing one peal
2. Unravel the string from the pearl
3. Insert the pearl inside vagina (use a tampon applicator if one is available, remove tampon inside to use applicator) approximately 7 cm deep; similar to inserting a tampon; allow string to remain outside the vagina for easy removal
4. Remove the pearl 24 hours later
5. One pearl can be used for 3-5 days
6. Clean vagina with warm water
7. Insert next pearl 24 hours later after removing the first one

Blessings for Natural Yoni Healing!

Women have received expected results from this product.

As with many products, we are required to state that this product is not FDA approved. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, have a medical condition, or any doubts - please consult your physician before using this product.